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Full Service by domainworx
Each Top-Level-Domain is operated by a registry. Actually, domainworx Service & Management GmbH supports the registry punkt.wien GmbH. Being a full-service provider dedicated to highest quality, we are responsible for administration and operation of TLDs.

Stable & flexible Registry-System
The registry service provider RyCE is your technical partner when it comes to realizing your own TLD. Operated in a high-availability data center based in Vienna / Austria and using a powerful, reliable registry system (including anyCast nameservice, add-on services like Whois, RDAP, etc.), RyCE is able to operate your specific TLD - whether it is brand or geoTLD.

Highest Priority to Flexibility and Security
The challenges to administration and operation of a TLD adopt according to the stage a TLD is in: handling a few registrations of domains during Sunrise and Limited Registration Periods under defined provisions is quite different to running a TLD in "first-come, first-served" mode with a large number of domains under management. What remains unchanged is the need for being flexible to needs according the TLD's special dedication – giving highest priority to accuracy, availability and security.