More than just a  digital  Address –
it all starts with a domain...

New Gates to the Internet
Many gTLDs (generic Top-Level-Domains) started their General Availability since early 2014. But work behind the scenes starts long before a TLD will be visible in WWW. We support our customers in any stage of this work in progress. First of all ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) checks the technical, operational and financial excellence of any application using a multi-level assessment process.

Phased Registration
Startup of any gTLD must be handled in timely separated phases. During "Sunrise Phase" only mark holders are allowed to register domains that fit their registered marks stored in Trademark Clearing House (TMCH). The following (optional) "Landrush Phase" (Limited Registration Period) is dedicated to serve special needs of the gTLD such as offering priority registrations to local businesses, etc. In "General Availability" domains are registered "first-come, first served".